How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay?

Writing a compare and contrast essay may seem obvious but there are some nuances that will make it necessary that you pay attention to how you compose it. An effective compare and contrast essay should follow the rules of all essays of basic structure and formatting in order to make it appealing, interesting and effective to readers.

First, a compare contrast essay should be based on the basic structure of an introduction, body and conclusion is necessary. Your compare and contrast essay will not make sense without this basic rule. Next when writing your compare contrast essay, make sure that you are following the spirit of the intent of the sections which will enable you to make effective comparisons.

In the compare contrast essay, you must clearly tell your audience the comparisons which you have found between any two entities, subjects or topics you have chosen to base your essay on. You can choose to compare the two entities backing up with evidence, following which you can contrast them, once again with references to support your claims.

Your compare and contrast essay should have in its body a solid theme or thesis statement. This will tell your reader why the comparison is necessary to do and why the results are important. Second you must decide how to structure your compare contrast essay.

The compare and contrast essay can be written where you address each comparison in a single sentence or thought (tandem) or by expressing the comparisons one after another (alternating). What you choose to write in your compare contrast essay should be based on what will appeal the most to the reader. A compare and contrast essay can work well; however, it should not give the reader a structure that does not make sense.

Comparative Essay Writing: Understanding the Steps Involved

The writing of essays constitutes the basis of most academic work. The ability to construct a good essay is thus a fundamental skill required in students. Students are not born with good essay writing skills.

The skill requirements for good comparative essays writing are the same with as with other essays. Understanding the steps involved comparative essay writing assists SpeedyPaper writers in making them good.

Steps involved in good comparative essays writing

  • Good comparative essay writing in the first place requires an understanding of what it is all about.
  • In simple terms comparative essay writing involves a comparison of two different things or ideas.
  • Since two different things or ideas are involved in comparative essay writing the initial step is to develop a sound understanding of the two things or ideas involved.¬† A comparison between two unknown things or ideas is virtually an impossible task. Such an understanding develops through reading about the two things or ideas.
  • Good comparative essay writing looks at both the similarities and the dissimilarities of the objects or ideas being compared. Therefore, while developing knowledge of both the similarities and dissimilarities is essential for good comparative essay writing.
  • The similarities and dissimilarities form two distinct parts in good comparative essay. In the first part either the similarities or dissimilarities are taken up and in the remaining part the second one is taken up.
  • The similarities and dissimilarities are presented in a sequential and logical manner in good comparative essay writing.
  • Emphasis is given to the important similarities and dissimilarities in good comparative essay writing.
  • Good comparative essay writing demonstrates good writing skills.

Employing these steps will ensure good comparative essay writing.

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